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Jewel Fruit Tart- 1973 McCall’s Recipe

In 1973 McCall’s recipe card collection would add yet another oddity to what they called, “The Contemporary Cooking” section called Jewel Fruit Tart. Looking at the photograph, I feel slightly nauseated; it’s hideous. Please elongate the word Hideous when you read it because that is how I am actually saying it.

I had a chance to review the ingredient list which consists of plenty of canned fruits such as peaches, mandarin oranges, and pear halves. Followed up by preserves, cream cheese, a few frozen berries and finally a fresh fruit, strawberries–then ruined by even more jelly. Good grief this sounds like a health food lovers nightmare.

Let me know if you’ve ever made or had this because I always love hearing from Y’all. I am actually thinking this might not be a bad idea if modified using uncanned fruit, What do you think? Let me know. Continue reading


Perfection Salad

What can I say, about Perfection Salad? I am honestly thinking maybe in the 70’s it was perfect, by 2017 it looks perfectly awful. On a positive note, Perfection Salad has never graced my table at home or before my eyes elsewhere.

Perfection salad was a mere concoction of gelitan, sugar, apple juice, vinegar, shredded carrots, sliced celery, shredded cabbage, chopped green bell peppers, and pimento.As I am typing these ingredients I am wondering if the creator was reasonably sane. Is it me, Maybe so.

I would love to hear from any of you as to if you have tried Perfection Salad, was it good? I really am sincerely curious as to what responses I will get from all of you. Sometimes something sounds horrible but it really is good. Let me know in the comments below… Continue reading

McCall’s White Fruitcake Recipe

Love or hate the idea of fruitcake McCall’s decided to share their version of the dreaded fruitcake in their recipe card collection– It would be neatly tucked away in the Holidays section, Card 24-K, titled White Fruitcake. I’m not even sure how it got named White Fruitcake; looking at the recipe photo it doesn’t look white to me…Am I missing something? Clearly, I must be.

In my 44 years, I have suffered a few undesirable slices of this Christmas Season torture called Fruitcake. I’m really not a huge fan of fruitcake and might even bolt right out of the house if you are offering one slither of this cake poison to me.

I am aware that some love fruitcake and I am often told that the mail order cakes sent around the holidays truly do not reflect the taste of a homemade fruitcake. I am also Leary of those folks and mentally scream in my head, “Lies….ALL Lies!!!”

With that said I leave you with this recipe card to find out for yourself if this recipe is tasty or Christmas Season Torture. May the force be with you, my friends. Be sure to share your thoughts on fruitcake in the comments. Do you love them OR do you loath them as I do?

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Moussaka-In-A-Hurry McCall’s Recipe Card

Most versions of Moussaka are based primarily on sautéed eggplant and tomato, usually with ground meat. However, the Greek version includes layers of meat and eggplant topped with a Béchamel sauce and then baked in the oven.

There are other well-known variations on this basic recipe, sometimes with sauce on the top of the recipe, sometimes vegetables are added. These variants of the Moussaka may include, in addition to the eggplant slices, sautéed zucchini slices, partly-fried potato slices, or even sautéed mushrooms. There is a Vegan version in the Greek cookbook by Tselementes, which includes neither meat nor dairy products, just vegetables;ground eggplant is used instead of the ground meat, tomato sauce, and some bread crumbs are added.

In 1979 McCall’s added a recipe to their collection called Moussaka-In-A-Hurry for those who might be interested in what is called Contemporary cooking along with other recipes. Housewives and novice cooks everywhere would be able to literally make Moussaka-In-A-Hurry.


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Vintage Apple Pie Recipe 1922 compared to my Apple Pie recipe

In the fall there is nothing as good as a warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream rested on top of the slice of pie. Traditional Dutch apple pie comes in two varieties, a crumb appelkruimeltaart and a lattice appeltaart  style pie. Both recipes are very  distinct in that they will usually call cinnamon and lemon juice to be added and may differ in texture, however, not taste. Dutch apple pies may include ingredients such as cream butter, raisins and almond paste, as well as ingredients such as apples and sugar, which they have in common with other recipes.

Below I have shared my apple pie recipe for you in comparison to the vintage version of Igleheart’s Cake Secrets, 1922, Apple Filling for Pie and crust recipe. I hope you’ll enjoy both recipes for years to come. If you try either please come back and let me know what you thought of them.


Igleheart’s Cake Secrets, 1922.,Apple Filling for Pie and crust recipe

Igleheart’s Cake Secrets, 1922, Apple Filling for Pie and crust recipe

“Apple pie” conjures warmth, aroma, taste, and togetherness! Nothing tastes better!”

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15 Minute Meatloaf Recipe 1955 Hunts ad

15-minute-meat-loaf-july-1955-Hunts ad

 A simple 15 minute Hunts Meatloaf recipe from 1955 …

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Cheese-filled meat loaf 1964 Hunts Recipe Ad

Cheese-filled meat loaf (1964)

Cheese-filled meat loaf recipe

Pour in Hunt’ sauce and you pour in a pound of whole, ripe tomatoes simmered to a thick, smooth sauce — spiced just right. It’s the modern way to cook with tomato! Continue reading

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