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15 Minute Meatloaf Recipe 1955 Hunts ad

15-minute-meat-loaf-july-1955-Hunts ad

 A simple 15 minute Hunts Meatloaf recipe from 1955 …

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Cheese-filled meat loaf 1964 Hunts Recipe Ad

Cheese-filled meat loaf (1964)

Cheese-filled meat loaf recipe

Pour in Hunt’ sauce and you pour in a pound of whole, ripe tomatoes simmered to a thick, smooth sauce — spiced just right. It’s the modern way to cook with tomato! Continue reading

Fish steaks, Hunt’s-style 1961

Fish steaks, Hunt’s-style (1961)

Fish steaks, Hunt’s-style 1961

The modern way to cook with tomato… just pour in Hunt’ sauce for fabulous fish steaks Continue reading

1950’s Tuna Ring

Pantry Jubilee Tuna Ring

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