Ann Pillsbury’s Pineapple Pie Recipe-1950

Ann Pillsbury’s Pineapple Pie Recipe-1950

Easy, quick, with Pillsbury Pie Crust Mix

Homemade pineapple pie like this is one sure way to sweep a man right off his feet. And now any kind of pie is easy, quick. Just add water to Pillsbury Pie Crust Mix. (Mixes easily, rolls out evenly. Doesn’t break apart when lifted into pan.) Quality is assured by the finest ingredients, scientifically blended, perfectly balanced. You turn out crust that’s light and flaky, so tender and “short” it cuts at the mere touch of a fork. Why not give him the big pie surprise tonight! Continue reading

15 Minute Meatloaf Recipe 1955 Hunts ad

15-minute-meat-loaf-july-1955-Hunts ad

 A simple 15 minute Hunts Meatloaf recipe from 1955 …

Continue reading

Cheese-filled meat loaf 1964 Hunts Recipe Ad

Cheese-filled meat loaf (1964)

Cheese-filled meat loaf recipe

Pour in Hunt’ sauce and you pour in a pound of whole, ripe tomatoes simmered to a thick, smooth sauce — spiced just right. It’s the modern way to cook with tomato! Continue reading

Fish steaks, Hunt’s-style 1961

Fish steaks, Hunt’s-style (1961)

Fish steaks, Hunt’s-style 1961

The modern way to cook with tomato… just pour in Hunt’ sauce for fabulous fish steaks Continue reading

1950’s Tuna Ring

Pantry Jubilee Tuna Ring

Tomato Aspic Salad

The McCallum Vintage Recipe divas_TomatoAspic

Tomato Aspic Salad was the crazy little idea that McCall’s Great American Recipe Card Collection Published in the early 70’s… Continue reading

April 1956 Tea-Bisk Ad

April 1956 Tea-Bisk Ad

April 1956 Tea-Bisk Ad


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